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2. Clients will contact you directly

Clients search for specific professions skills. If your profile matches their needs, they will contact you directly (Phone, WhatsApp, Email).

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3. Perform work

Discuss the project with your client directly. Perform the work and get paid directly by the client. No commission fee is charged by giggzy. Clients are encouraged to leave a rating and a review on your profile.

Free to join for a limited time!

It is free to join giggzy for a limited time. There is no fee to post your freelance profile. However, you can promote your freelance profile by featuring your profile to show up on top of relevant search results or promote it by adding a border or making the profile bold, so it stands out and gets better exposure. Please make sure to:

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Provide detailed information about your services and skills.

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You can upload pictures of your work portfolio or previous projects. You can also provide link to your personal website and link to your portfolio video.


Upload a profile picture. Clients usually contact freelancers which have a profile picture.


Clients can easily search the website to find a specific freelancer that meets their needs. They can filter by Country, City, fees they charge, and number of stars that the freelancer has. Reviews are also available for the clients to check before assigning a job to the freelancer. Once they find a convenient freelancer that meets their requirements, they can contact the freelancer directly via phone, WhatsApp or email for more details about their projects and needs. Clients are encouraged to rate the freelancers and leave a review on their accounts